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How a 'Boot camp' can help introduce new teams to Agile.

Bootcamps, are multi-day events, run for teams completely new to Agile ways of working.

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In an engaging and entertaining way, the new Agile teams are introduced to each other, and to many of the Agile terminology.

This includes the 4 agile values and 12 principles, the five Scrum ceremonies, Doing vs Being Agile, Fixed vs Growth mindset, and the unique Agile model used at your specific employer.

It’s also an opportunity to hear from the Agile leadership team, and key stakeholders about the motivations behind the move to Agile .

The event closes with a Scrum Game where we let the teams experiment with creating a backlog, sprint planning, showcases and retrospectives over a couple of mini-sprints.

Due to Covid-19 we have been running recent boot camps as a virtual events, typically spread over 3 or 4 half-days using MS Teams and Miro.

This week's bootcamp was the largest virtual event I've ever been involved in, with over a 100 people attending across 4 countries!

The last day of the training coincides with the first, actual Sprint Planning session on the ‘shop floor’. This is when teams start developing their Mission and Social Agreement, in which they agree on how they’d like to work together. The event is typically closed with a celebration with the wider group.

And don't worry, this type of boot camp does not involve any yelling by drill instructors...

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