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Welcome to Agile 101!

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I started working in an Agile team in 2018. Fast forward to now, and I have established myself as a fully fledged coach, with a wealth of experience across both corporates and non-profits. I now work as an independent consultant.


Unlike many Agile coaches, my background is not in software development, but in business management. I enjoy working with teams to drive tangible business benefits.

If you'd like to know more about my career, please feel free to check out my LinkedIn profile.

I started writing Agile 101 posts in June 2020. The aim was to share something ‘bite-sized’ about Agile ways of working. There is plenty of Agile content out there, but it’s typically written for people already in the know, or so lengthy you struggle to get to the end of it!

Originally, it was for intranet use only. I decided to share my post on LinkedIn, and was surprised by the positive response, so kept going. 

I intentionally try and make my posts succinct. My objective is to introduce people relatively new to the Agile mindset, and many concepts & tools. If you'd like to know more, please feel free to reach out to me.

I typically post something weekly. I either use my own experience as Agile practitioner, or research a topic online. I list my sources, in case you want to dig deeper.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

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