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Ep3: Doing vs Being Agile

In a previous post, I covered that underpinning Agile are a set of Values and Principles that guide our behaviours, ways of working, our interactions and how we make decisions.

Today, I wanted to talk about Doing vs Being Agile.

Doing: is going through the motions, applying a few of the tools (e.g. Kanban, Stand Ups, lots of post-its!), processes and practices. It is what is visible above the waterline. It is about what we see and attempt to address.

Being Agile: is understanding the intend and purpose and applying it day-to-day; It is what lays underneath, what we do not see; this is mindsets and behaviours, based on thoughts, feelings, beliefs, values and needs.

You know how difficult it is to change a habit, so will understand that this is developed over time.

You don’t get there overnight, and coaches will help you along the way.


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