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Ep6: The Daily Stand Up, or Scrum

Today, I’ll cover Daily Stand Ups, a.k.a. Scrums.

Scrum is a daily, time-boxed event where the team synchronises activities and plan for the next 24 hours.

It encourages collaboration and alignment; It helps the team stay on track and focused on delivering the agreed sprint Increment.

To keep the pace and energy levels up, the event is typically capped at 15 minutes, and participants are requested to stand, hence the name Stand Up. It is held at the same time each day.

Typically, 3 questions are answered: What did you work on yesterday? What will you be working on today? And, do you need support with anything slowing you down (i.e. blockers)?

The questions are all aimed at achieving the Sprint Goals. Anything else should be referred to the “16th minute” or Parking Lot, and completed directly after the Stand Up is finished.

To aid Stand Up, you can use a physical or electronic board that holds all planned work for the Sprint. Participants refer to each ‘ticket’ whilst providing their updates. The tickets typically move from ‘To Do’, to ‘Doing’, and finally ‘Done’.

It’s all about empowerment. The team owns the Sprint Backlog and at Stand Up they collectively inspect progress as part of being a self-organising team.

This article was first published on LinkedIN


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