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Ep.29 What is Big Room Planning?

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Big Room Planning has its origins in SAFe, which is an Agile framework I’ll cover another time. It’s typically a cadence-based, face-to-face, 2-day event where agile teams and their stakeholders come together in a ‘Big Room’ planning session to align on business goals and plan their work for the next period. This could easily involve 100+ people!

It's about collaborating towards a shared understanding!

At Optus we adapted the model: It’s typically a 1-day event attended by all the Division members. Preceding BRP could be a Strategy sharing session covering big strategic 'rocks' for the coming period, followed by brainstorm/planning sessions for the individual agile teams.

At the Big Room Planning event the agile teams present their prior quarter achievements & learnings, and share their plans for the next quarter.

This includes RAID covered in a previous post: Risks, Assumptions, Issues & Dependencies.

The alignment work between teams and stakeholders typically continue for a few weeks, before the squad submits their final Objectives & Key Results. I covered OKRs previously.

You may come across ‘Small’ & ‘Medium’ Room Planning. These are simply prep or progress sessions with less attendees.

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