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Ep.30 What is the SAFe® framework all about?

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You may remember that Agile is an umbrella term for many different practises/processes. I have previously written about Scrum and Kanban. Today: SAFe, short for Scaled Agile Framework.

SAFe® enables organisations to scale Agile, by combining the iterative development practices of Agile with the mindset of Lean manufacturing.

The framework includes structured guidance on roles & responsibilities, how to plan & manage the work, and values to uphold.

Agile Release Train (ART) is a cross-functional team of Agile teams and stakeholders, that is optimised to facilitate the flow of value from ideation through deployment and release, and into operations, on one or more solutions.

Big Room Planning, which I covered previously, originates from SAFe.

An alternative scaled agile technique is Scrum of Scrums. Same same, but different.

What are some of the pro's of using SAFe?

It provides greater visibility and alignment across organisation; faster time to market; increased in productivity and quality; higher employee and customer engagement.

What about the down-side to SAFe?

There is the risk of too much top-down management; It requires admin roles to coordinate; It can slow down processes and limit flexibility.

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