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Image credit: Duracell
Image credit: Duracell

Energisers can be used as a brief circuit breaker to help increase the energy and focus levels of a workshop audience, by engaging them in a physical or mental activity. Use them when you see people nodding off, for example when the post-lunch dip hits.

By taking their mind off the main topic, and engaging in a fun, light-hearted activity people will feel refreshed and ready to go again. It will help achieve the desired outcome of the meeting.

Examples? Sure!

Continue the Story:

Start the story by saying something like, "On a beautiful sunny day...". The next participant now adds their 3-5 words max. Continue until everyone has had a ago, and the story comes to an end.

Let's get physical:

Doing some simple stretches together, is simple yet effective. Ask everyone to stretch their arms above their heads. After a short break, ask them to go just that bit further. You'll be surprised how much taller one can get with a bit of encouragement.

There are also brain coordination exercises. These are not my strength, but here is a video of someone that seems to master these better.

Online suggestions:

You can run a quick poll, or a Kahoot quiz, and if you are anything like me you prefer to ask nonsense questions. Pictionary in Miro is another fun option.

There is no need to make things complicated, you can simply go for a walk around the block!

I've previously written about the ice-breakers, which are not too dissimilar except that they focus a bit more on getting to know each other at the start of an event.

Next time you run a workshop, why not have a couple of energisers ready? It will help keep your audience engaged, and help towards achieving your desired outcomes.


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