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Ep4: What is an Agile Mindset?

In my prior post, I wrote about Doing vs Being Agile. Today, I wanted to talk about what it means to have an Agile Mindset.

The Agile Mindset is ultimately, the most powerful — yet least visible to an external observer —  layer encompassing Agile Values, Principles, Practices, Tools and Processes that underpin the Culture we are trying to build.

The above image sums it up nicely: Agile is a Mindset, described by 4 Values, defined by 12 Principles, manifested as an unlimited amount of practises.

At my employer Optus we use a combination of Scrum, Spotify Model and Kanban, but there are many other options.

Do you start to see how it all fits together?

Link to my original post.


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