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TOFU! Ownership, Accountability & Trust

It’s short for ‘Take Ownership and Follow Up’.

Image by Agile101
Image by Agile101

For high-performing organisations, employees taking ownership, being accountable & having high trust in the workplace are critical to embed into the culture.

Taking Ownership tells others “You can trust me to do the right thing”.

Being Accountable is about being responsible for the result.

Ownership is about initiative, Accountability is about follow-through. If you can’t deliver as promised, be honest and proactive and respect the impact you have on others.

Being accountable is a major factor in building Trust.

Trust is confidence that you are all working towards the same objectives.

Ownership and Accountability build Trust.

Trust encourages employees to take Ownership. Trust reinforces Accountability because when you’re trusted, you don’t want to let the team down.

These are important foundations for the Agile Mindset I discussed in an earlier post.

'To TOFU’, and ‘TOFU-ING’ are now part of many corporate bingo cards, and form a reminder to do the right things, and do them right.

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