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Ep9: Showcase & Sprint Review
At Showcase you demo progress

I want to highlight that these ceremonies are known under different names (e.g. Iteration Review), and can be combined. The below is based on my experience with my employer's Agile framework, and this may not work in your organisation.

Showcase: demonstrate work completed

Showcase is for the team to demonstrate the work completed (i.e. Done) during the Sprint, to stakeholders, to share achievements & learnings. It contains a demo of the working solution (Increment) realised.

Showcase is a more high-level update, which is reflected in the shorter duration, about 5-10 min.

To avoid people nodding off we try and inject some fun and keep the combined showcases shorter than 90 mins. Common pitfalls are teams over-preparing for Showcase.

Sprint Review: in-depth review with stakeholders

Sprint Review is an optional and more in-depth session with select stakeholders.

Sprint Review helps gain valuable and actionable feedback from your stakeholders to be included in the Backlog.

Discussion topics include market changes, stakeholder and customer feedback. The attendees collaborate on the Backlog items and get a shared understanding of the future work. This can take up to an hour.

Both ceremonies are usually held on the last day of each Sprint.

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