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Ep12: Definition of Ready (DoR) and Definition of Done (DoD)

I'd like to tell you more about Definition of Ready (DoR), and Definition of Done (DoD).

These Scrum artefacts make a team’s policy explicit around what it means for User Stories to be Ready for a Sprint, or Done at end of Sprint.

In a prior post, I mentioned that Backlog Refinement is all about the team grasping enough of its scope to be able to plan it into a Sprint. Detail, order, and estimates are added or improved until the work on the backlog meets the DoR.

Backlog Refinement helps to de-risk Sprint Planning. By observing a Definition of Ready, the chances are reduced of a Sprint starting where Backlog items are not sufficiently understood. describes Definition of Done as the conditions which must be met before a team’s deliverables can be considered fit for release.

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There can be various levels of ‘Done’. ‘Done’ as in ready for testing, or ‘Done Done’, as in its ready to ship, or ‘Done Done Done’, where you have customer feedback.

Neither DoR and DoD are checklists! Each User Story is different, and not all conditions might apply. Use it as a conversation starter. Neither are cast in stone, update them as required.

Acceptance Criteria

Acceptance Criteria are specific DoD for a given User Story. For more on this have a look at this post.

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