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A quote on people's potential and possibilities

Today, I have a quote for you by Kat Cole, an American business leader, which I think explains the Agile Mindset well:
I really believe humans are mostly magic and that we are all just unfinished magic and we’re more likely to be the fullest extent of our magic if other people see us that way first. […] I’ve learned that when I see people for their potential and their possibilities, that they seem to live up to that more quickly […]
So the upside of believing in people is so high [even though] some will let us down. And the frequency that I’m let down is so low compared to the frequency that I’m proven right in people’s potential. […]
So it just feels like this tax, it’s like a single-digit percentage tax that is a small price to pay for getting all the upside that comes from looking at people as the great things that they are and the possibilities that they have in front of them.

That's all for today!

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