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What is BVSSH?

I was very fortunate to join a 4-day training provided by Myles Ogilvie and Maria Muir from Sooner Safer Happier through nbn.

What started as a book written by Jonathan Smart, with Myles and others, is now quickly becoming the way to approach agility in progressive organisations.

I know this may sound ambitious, but I truly believe that Better Value Sooner Safer Happier is the approach which offers the best, most realistic path towards lasting organisationial agility.

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So what is BVSSH?

"Better Value Sooner Safer Happier (BVSSH) is an outcome oriented approach to continuously improve ways of working."

It sees large scale 'Agile Transformations' typically focussed on 'doing Agile' as an antipattern. Agile is one of many possible ways to improve business outcomes, alongside with Lean, DevOps and plenty of others. It is not the only way.

It ackowledges that "every organisation is unique and is a complex adaptive system, there is no one size fits all approach."

I appreciate the focus on continuos learning and improving, which goes against the prevalent view that 'transformations' have an end point. They don't. When the consultants exit the building, the work doesn't stop.

"BVSSH contains two sets of outcomes. Better Sooner Safer Happier are the how outcomes. They measure the improvement in the system of work. Value is the what, the business outcome that is produced. The two sets of outcomes form a virtuous circle."

Rather than me summarising things further here, I recommend you read this article on their website.

For a long time, I have wondered why many organisations fail to truly succeed in their 'transformations'. BVSSH is the first approach that answers this question for me.

The Sooner Safer Happier team is rapidly expanding. Besides the book, which I deem mandatory reading for all agilists, they offer training and consultancy services. They also have a vibrant community offering regular Meet Ups. Make sure to check them out!


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