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Ep.40 Prioritisation: the Quality Function Deployment method

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As part of my Prioritisation series today the Quality Function Deployment method.

It’s a group decision making technique that helps you focus on product features by considering many dimensions in a decision matrix. To prioritize, the QFD separates What you do from the How you do it.

How do you apply the Quality Function Deployment prioritisation method?

1) Identify customers’ wants/needs through brainstorming and research.

These are the WHAT’S.

2) Identify the “Voice of Customer”

Which features are important? Ask them to select 5 their favourites. Use the % of respondents that picked each task as the importance weight factor.

3) Identify the HOW’s (Voice of Company)

Create a list of features that relate to what customers want. These are called the HOW’S.

4) Establish an impact relationship between what customers Want and How the company proposes to fix it.

Score each Want + How combo in a non-linear scale, so differences in impact are highlighted. (9 = Strong relationship; 3 = Moderate relationship; 1 = Weak relationship; 0 = No relationship)

5) Generate & Examine Priorities

These come from the highest-impact Features. Multiply each requirement’s Importance by each feature’s Impact. A feature’s score is the sum of these values. Highest priority items = those with highest scores.

Check out this link for some awesome, detailed examples.

I first posted this article here.


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