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Ep.36 Prioritisation: Pruning the Product Tree

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Today, Pruning the Product Tree, as part of my series on Prioritisation methods.

Developed by Bruce Hollman, it's a visual and playful way to engage stakeholders and use customer feedback in prioritising product features. The aim is to ‘prune’ the product or service roadmap into the desired shape, just like you would in a real garden.

The tree consists of:

TRUNK: Existing product features, or currently being build

BRANCHES: each representing primary components

ROOTS: enable features through infrastructure

LEAVES: represent new ideas for a product feature

How do I prune my Product Tree?

Brainstorm feature ideas with the team, and place them as Leaves on the tree. As themes appear, cluster them in ‘branches’. The ideas closest to the trunk represent the short-term focus of the team, with ideas further out for the future.

Move de-prioritised ‘Leaves’ to a ‘Seed Basket’.

Now collectively ask: Are some branches heavier than others? Does overall tree shape look balanced? Do unexpected branches appear? Are all ideas clear? Do you have the Roots to enable these features?

If you use Miro, have a look at this template.

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