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Ep.35 Prioritisation Methods: The KANO Scoring model

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The KANO model is used to prioritise potential features on their likelihood to improve customer satisfaction, whilst weighing them against the implementation cost.

KANO helps identify customers’ Needs, Wants, and what will delight them.

Developed by Dr Kano in 1984, the model identifies 5 categories of potential customer reactions to a new feature, ranging from Dissatisfaction, to Indifference, up to Excitement features.


1) Must-be: Customers expect these; Threshold to just stay competitive

2) One-dimensional: satisfaction when fulfilled, dissatisfaction when not fulfilled

3) Attractive: Unexpected/unspoken qualities that disproportionally Excite & Delight; don’t cause dissatisfaction when not delivered


4) Indifferent: users are ambivalent about feature, neither good nor bad

5) Reverse: drives user dissatisfaction

Now allocate your potential roadmap features to the relevant category and have this verified by your customers through research.

First posted on LinkedIn.


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