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It’s People, not Resources!

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Hands up if you’ve ever referred to People as Resources!

My colleague Dave Witney first highlighted the importance to me, of using appropriate wording when discussing the available manpower in a team.

He made me aware that I’d copied this office lingo, like so many of us.

I know that it’s just a word. But words can be representative of the company culture. They can dehumanise individuals; make them feel expendable.

When you introduce Agile ways of working, it’s important to consciously reconsider the office jargon. It will help you embed the new culture you’re trying to create.

"As we speak, so we are".

Emily Webber wrote a great post on this and I have used her image in this post. She has also created some printable stickers to help spread the word. I recommend you check out her blog.


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