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How the Moving Motivators workshop can help improve team Engagement

This week I’d like to share about a teambuilding workshop I ran with one of my agile teams called Moving Motivators.

Moving Motivators is a simple tool to visualise how change affects our motivations. It addresses how complex our motivations really are. It helps us express what intrinsically motivates us.

It also lets us visualise how some things are more important than others. What is important for me? What will make me move faster? What motivates me each day?

What is Intrinsic Motivation?

Intrinsic motivation is people’s innate desires to do well and to have an eagerness for self-control and self-direction in accomplishing objectives. Successful intrinsic motivation is the result of the fulfilment of basic desires.

What is Extrinsic Motivation?

Extrinsic motivation, on the other hand, covers external rewards such as payments, bonuses or promotions.

By paying attention to each other and setting up the right conditions you can maximize the probability that team members are motivated or engaged.

The 10 motivators are: Curiosity, Honour, Acceptance, Mastery, Power, Freedom, Relatedness, Order, Goal, and Status.

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How does the Moving Motivators activity work?

STEP 1: Rank your motivations from least to most important.

STEP 2: Consider a recent change and how it affected your motivators. If the change increased e.g. Freedom, move the card Freedom up. If Status became less, move the card down.

STEP 3: Reflect and discuss with your team. Gain understanding in what drives your co-workers, and through this enhance relationships and collaboration

The 10 intrinsic motivators were derived from various reputable resources (Daniel Pink, Steven Reiss and Edward Deci). The concept was developed by Jurgen Appelo of Management 3.0.

Why not give it a go with your next team event?

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