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Ep20: Visualisation, how it helps team collaboration

In my previous post, I wrote about RAID and shared a visual template for quarterly planning, and subsequent Objectives & Key Results (OKR) updates during Showcase.

Visualisation increases collaboration

Once things are visible it becomes a lot easier to work together on something. It brings things to live, and helps reduce context switching. All important information is easily available. It also helps to identify improvements because it enables you to see how things relate.

Both Scrum and Kanban use visual methods (i.e. board) to track the progress of work.

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Use visualization any time; when you want to discuss something, when there’s an issue or impediment that needs to be solved, or when you’re stuck. Use it to share your team’s Purpose, your OKRs, milestones achieved etc.

Radiate any important information, and invite conversations between the team and people passing by. You’ll find it soon starts to become the focal point of your discussions.

All work should be visible!

Pro tip: always write in caps using a marker, this will ensure legibility from a distance. Don’t over-complicate things, simple shapes will do just fine!

If you are keen to learn some basic drawing skills, check out Bikablo. They sell cards which help you get started.

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If you are keen to learn even more, consider attending a workshop by Lynne Cazaly.

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