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Ep18: The Agile Coaching Competency Framework

Today, I want to share the Agile Coaching Competency Framework from the Agile Coaching Institute, as updated by Jonathan Kessel-Fell. It provides a great guide for developing coaches, such as myself!

Image credit: Jonathan Kessel-Fell
Image credit: Jonathan Kessel-Fell

The ‘inner self’ of a coach should reflect a deep embodiment of the Agile Mindset & Behaviours, the frameworks; being a living example of Servant Leadership and continuous learning, and having the required soft skills.

Teaching is about instructing others in specific knowledge, skills and perspective.

As Facilitator, a coach guides groups through processes that help them come to solutions and decisions.

As a Coach, you partner with clients in a creative process that inspires their potential.

Mentoring is about sharing knowledge, skills & perspectives that foster personal & professional growth of others.

Technical knowhow is about teaching by doing; using your own technical skills to promote high quality standards. Be careful not to impose your expertise on the team.

With Business knowhow you apply business strategy and change leadership to employ Agile and Lean as a competitive business advantage.

Transformation knowledge covers the ability to lead cultural and structural change through good leadership, systems thinking, and other behavioural sciences.

A word of caution:

A diagram by its very nature is a simplified reflection of reality. This one is showing core competencies, and doesn't pretend to cover the full range or how to balance between them.

I received feedback from Niall McShane on my original post, which I wanted to share here as well, as I thought it was valuable:

"How and when to utlise each competency is the bigger challenge. Also people are not sliced up into competencies but need the ability to follow the flow of conversation as they coach in a more organic way than is represented in this diagram. Coaching is not a "bolt on" competency either and is more central than is represented here."

Niall has published a book on Responsive Agile Coaching, and shared this useful graphic.

You can find the original Agile Coaching Competency Framework from the Agile Coaching Institute here.

For full details, please read Jonathan's original article here.

This post was first published here, and used information from


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