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Welcome to Agile 101!

I started this series in June 2020. The aim was to share something ‘bite-sized’ about the Agile ways of working. There is plenty of Agile content out there, but it’s typically written for people already in the know, or so lengthy you struggle to get to the end of it!

Originally, it was only intended for internal use on my employer’s Yammer page. I decided to share my post on LinkedIn, and was surprised by the positive response, so kept going.

My target market are people new to Agile, or people who simply want to refresh their knowledge. I only aim to share the core concepts. If you want to know more, Google is your friend.

I like my posts succinct and to the point, and try and keep things light and easy to read.

I either use my own experience as Agile coach, or research online. I list my sources, in case you want to dig deeper.

Feel free to contact me with questions or suggestions.

Today, I wanted to start by asking: What is Agile?

I personally like these two definitions:

“Agile is where we take the brakes off the organisation, and enable it to do business at the speed of thought.”
“Agile is where values and principles are employed to create a new way of working where you can thrive as your authentic self.”

What is your favourite definition of Agile?

Link to my original post.


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