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Ep21 - 7 Types of Agile Coaches

Today some fun with the 7 types of Agile coaches!

Els Verkaik devised 7 stereotypes, based on coaches personal needs, interest in organisation’s transformation, approach to transformations, strengths, pitfalls, and learning opportunities.

  1. Artist: charismatic, authority; likes an audience. Finds it hard to recognise others’ ideas, to cooperate and share successes.

  2. Evangelist: no desire for the limelight. Driven by need to help others, even when help was not requested. Should learn to ask questions and really listen.

  3. Viking: passionate fixer focused on results; assesses what needs doing quickly. May irritate others with lack of diplomacy.

  4. Mediator: driven by the human-side of change; seeks harmony through collaboration. Learn to stick to own vision, don’t shy away from constructive conflict.

  5. Professor: Observes well, is inquisitive & analytical. Comes across distanced, only offers advice.

  6. Networker: energetic, enthusiastic and inspiring. Achieve results through good relationships and getting hands dirty. Remember to stay objective & critical.

  7. Innovator: has positive, optimistic view; full of ideas. Might jump to solution mode too quickly. Learn that not all are excited by change.

I personally see myself as a mix of Viking and Networker, which might have to do with my Dutch/Nordic background. Interestingly, others might view you as a different type of coach. It's a bit like Johari's Window, where there could be a gap between your known and unknown perception of self and those others have of you.

Els' website is in Dutch, but if you click here you can download cards with details per coach types in English. You can use this to identify your coaching type(s) together with your colleagues in a playful way.


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