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7 Types of rest, we all need

My friend Mira introduced me to this, Dr Saundra Dalton-Smith came up with it, and I wanted to share it with you.

Sleep and rest are often confused, but are not actually the same thing.

Ever slept in, and still felt tired? This may be because you're not getting enough of the other types of rest.

Next time you don't feel your perky usual self, try and assess how well you have been resting across these seven areas:

  1. Physical rest, this can be passive (sleep, or a nap), or active (yoga, stretching, or a massage)

  2. Mental rest, aimed at switching of that brain of yours! Have short breaks from work, go for a walk around the block and smell the roses. Write in a journal.

  3. Sensory rest, from over-stimulation by unplugging from devices. Dimming lights, turning off screens, and muting notifications.

  4. Creative rest, can come from your surroundings. Put some inspiring photos or artwork up, or use as screen lock. Use colours in your house that make you feel creative. Stare at the ocean or the park, or art in a museum. It all helps to make you feel more creative and inspired.

  5. Emotional rest, requires the courage to be authentic and not pretend in order to please others. Avoid suppressing your true feelings and be more aligned with them; being able to share them with people you trust.

  6. Social rest, by surrounding yourself with positive and supportive people, engaging with them fully by turning on your camera and focusing on them. Spend time with people that energise you without any needs or agenda, rather than drain you.

  7. Spiritual rest, aimed at connecting beyond the physical and mental, feeling a sense of belonging, love, purpose and acceptance, for example through meditation and mindfullness.

You'll probably find that some of these support eachother. I hope this is useful to you!


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