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Pro Bono Agile Training with Royal Far West

The graduation crew!

Today is a rather special day, and I'm super proud!

It is graduation day for the lovely people from Royal Far West (RFW) who participated in Optus' Pro Bono Agile training followed by a period of dedicated coaching support.

Royal Far West is a charity that focusses on improving the health and wellbeing of children who live in rural and remote communities, by connecting them to the care they need but cannot otherwise access because of where they live.

Following a three day Introduction to Agile Training, Shirin, Obed and I facilitated for Optus, RFW indicated they'd be interested in dedicated coaching support on a specific project.

For more on the three day training have a look at this post from a while back.

Over a period of 3 months we collaboratively created a Service Design Blueprint for a new service RFW will launch. Whilst doing this we introduced Amanda, Rebecca, Tiffany Danielle and Sally to new tools such as Kanban and MS-Teams.

Once we had a pretty solid Service Design, we moved to development by applying Scrum ceremonies, such as the Stand Up, Backlog Refinement and Sprint Planning. Today's graduation, also doubles as their first Showcase!

I loved hearing about their key take outs:

How a Kanban board helped plan their work; how team collaboration improved; how morale and accountability was enhanced; how much quicker they achieved outcomes; their appreciation for the targeted meetings and how these kept up the momentum, each with its dedicated purpose; how everyone's roles were equal; and the ability to refine and pivot.

I'm very proud of Royal Far West for embracing Agile ways of working. I'm very grateful for Optus for letting me work on this project with such a deserving charity. Finally, I'm grateful to Shirin for letting me work beside her. I have learned so much!

I posted on this here as well, and Royal Far West posted this.

Update 1 December 2021: Royal Far West published a nice article on the work we did with them, which you can find here.


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